Xmas Tree Decorations

Christmas will soon be upon us, so it’s a good time to start thinking about what types of Christmas tree decorations to use throughout the season. As the Christmas tree determines the type of holiday vibe you will cultivate throughout your home, you want it to make a big impact.


One of the first thing people add to their Christmas trees are lights. White, monotone, or multi-coloured are all popular options and give a tree that special sparkle to brighten up a space. Light strings have all types of cool affects like fading, colour changes, flashing, etc. Some people even choose to skip the decorations and just go with lights for a more minimalist look.


Garlands are an excellent way to create a full-looking Christmas tree. Traditionally, popcorn strands, paper chains, or tinsel were used. Victorian tinsel which mimic the look of strands are made out of metal to avoid the obvious choking dangers of tinsel strands to children and pets. Ribbons make a popular garland as people choose a color or pattern they like and simply untwine it all around and up the length of the tree.


Christmas balls come in all sizes, textures, and colours. People who prefer a colour-scheme to their tree, generally pick one colour of balls or combine two; blue and silver is a popular colour choice for dangling Christmas balls. Some balls are decorated with glitter or festive images. When it comes to Christmas tree decorations, Christmas balls are a classic choice.


Christmas tree ornaments are a favoured Christmas tree decoration of choice. They can follow a theme like Santas, angels, snowmen, woodland critters, or basically anything appealing. A popular recent Christmas ornament trend is a farmhouse look with tree stump ornaments and decorations made from natural items. Plaid bows and garlands are affective at cultivating the farmhouse/cabin look that so many strive for over the holidays.

When it comes to Christmas tree decorations, anything goes. From lights to garlands, Christmas balls and ornaments, Christmas trees are the focal points around which the holidays unfold. When it comes time to set up for the season, remember to choose a style that will provide the perfect backdrop for those Christmas photos.